All projects are carried out with the use of proven and innovative management methodologies. Our programmers make sure that the final product is built according to the latest technologies.

Why us?

What makes us different...

Open minded

Being guided by the thought „Sharing is caring” we are sharing our knowledge and experience so that our customers can develop and streamline their businesses.


We approach every customer individually to get to know their visions, targets and the modus operandi. Flexibility, being goal-oriented, cooperation, innovation - we have been guided by these values since the beginning of our business journey.

Technology stack:

PHP: Symfony, Zend
C#: ASP.Net(Core), WPF
C++: QT

Creating online shops, web applications and websites is a base of our activity.

Meet our team

Who we are, what we do and why...

Tomasz Półtorak



CEO and founder of BlazeIT. From the beginning of the occupational activity tied with the IT industry, specializes mainly in the project management. Tomasz can’t even imagine living without time management. In his free time he likes to play good RPG or FPS, to read about functioning of the human mind and, what's interesting - to sing. He is a member of the choir of General Military University of Land Forces.

Rafał Czownicki



Co-founder of BlazeIT, goal-oriented man of action. He began his career in the IT industry during high school, together with Tomek and Mateusz. His professional path can be used as an example of development possibilities, which IT industry can give: his professional path can be used as an example of development possibilities, which IT industry can give: from a beginning freelancer, through junior and middle developer to an independent team leader. In his free time he loves playing football, switching to snowboard during winter.




Co-founder of BlazeIT. Calm and open-minded. It helps him to develop his passion - acting in an improvised theatre. His IT journey has its origins in one of small (back then) companies creating websites where he used to work with Tomek and Rafał. Over time his interests have shifted towards .NET technologies.

Krzysztof Wróblewski



Marketing, acquisition and service of the customer, implementing projects – this is his environment. He took his first steps during studies being a member of an international student organization AIESEC. Among others, he served there as a leader of the project responsible for the promotion and HR of Global Citizen (now Global Volunteer) - foreign volunteer programme. He also actively participated in campaigns promoting the recruitment for the organization, was a member of service stuff during Dni Kariery and many other. With his mind full of ideas he can’t stand stagnation and monotony at work. Privately Krzysztof loves fast cars, good music and Mediterranean landscapes. He says that in his retirement period he will move to Tuscany and concentrate on making wine.

Joanna Półtorak



First girl in our company. Friendly and open to people. She likes good time and work organization, feels good leading her team. In a free time, likes to shoot some headshots in Counter Strike, discover mysterious caves in Tomb Raider or buy new resorts in Business Tour. When she take a break from the computer, she does good training in a gym and improve her knowledge in dietetics.

Jakub Homik



Musician, kitesurfing instructor, water sports enthusiast. When he is not coding, he is playing drums in 2 bands, works on music stages and big festivals. Also touring with bands as a drumtech through whole Europe.

BlazeIT has its headquarters in Wrocław; it is called “IT Basin” in Poland which is also one of the most attractive and fascinating tourist destinations in Europe. It is a place where history is combined with the modernity, tradition with the innovation.


What we share with the world...


Jak wyglądają początki Software House’u? Czym się wyróżnić w świecie hiperkonkurencji i czy w ogóle jest to możliwe? Czy budżet jest barierą? Czy każda firma technologiczna musi powstać w garażu aby odnieść sukces? Na te i wiele innych pytań odnośnie budowania firmy od podstaw, inspiracji, organizacji czasu czy motywacji do działania odpowiedzą Wam chłopaki z Zapraszamy do stoiska, wyszukujcie logo z białym płomieniem!
PS: Ciągle poszukujemy nowych osób! 🙂

Opublikowany przez BIT Festival Wroclaw 15 kwietnia 2018

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